Sambar Call Stalker Flexmark

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 Flexmark Sambar Deer Stalker 

The Sambar Stalker deer call is excellent in calling in Sambar deer out of the thick timber and Bush.  Many hunters are having great success stalking & calling in deer they never knew were in the area. 

Remember however, calling big game animals can be difficult sometimes, and many will be unresponsive.  This is normal for hunters who call in big game.  You will see every reaction possible when learning to call big game species.  Don't get discouraged, keep trying, and these calls will surely help bring you a successful harvest.


All Calls come with a clasp ring you can install to hang the call from a lanyard if desired.

1. Puncture both sides of the pre-drilled hole with a sharp object at the bottom left of the call.

2. You can see the hole if you look through the bottom of the call.

3. Open the ring clasp and thread it through.

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