Rifle Cover NeoGard

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NeoGard Rifle Covers


NeoGard Neoprene Firearm protectors will:

- Camouflage your firearm

- Protect your firearm from damage or scratches

- Leave no residue

- Repel water and give you maximum grip in the harshest conditions

Models: (note: The NeoGard covers are now right and left hand compatible)

1. Bolt action

2. Varmint Model

4. Over and under, single barrel and side by side break open shot guns


Barrel Covers:

1. One size fits all rifle barrels

2. Barrel covers are not available for shot guns at this stage


* Camouflage pattern

* High grade neoprene material

* Fit most model rifles and shotguns and fits left and right

* The material is similar to a divers wet suit

* The inner lining features shark tooth neoprene pattern which provides grip and resists slipping off the firearm

* High quality stitching

* Weather resistant and durable


Wrapping your firearms with camo tape is time consuming and can leave a sticky residue all over your beloved firearm. Dipping or painting your firearms is a permanent solution and irreversible. While other inferior gun covers are loose and don't cover enough of the stock, the NeoGards and Barrel Covers are a great solution to those problems and by far the worlds best. 

* Only one piece required for the whole stock

* Barrel covers are optional

* Can be altered to fit most variations in firearms

* Easy and quick installation and removal without leaving residue on your stock

* Allows you to purchase your desired stock knowing now you can protect it even while you hunt in the toughest terrain

* Protects from scratches, dents and reduces cold 

* Provides great camouflage for hunters

After many years of research we've created the best fitting, full coverage neoprene gun covers in the world.

Fitting Directions:

Step 1: Remove gun sling and swivel studs from the rifle

Step 2: Carefully slide the cover over the barrel and over the fore end stock grip. It will only go so far due to the grip of the neoprene so do not try to pull or tug too hard, this will result in tearing the material. Note: Eagleye will not warrant torn material

Step 3: Roll the cover back over itself and repeat step 2. The aim is to try to have the opening at the front as close in to the fore end tip as possible. Then roll it back over the firearm. Be sure to get under or around the scope.

Step 4: Open the velcro strip and wrap over the butt of the stock. Then tighten and secure the velcro in place. Be sure to be clear of the trigger guard and avoid loose ends and sides 

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