Range Bag Allen Aliminator Rangemaster

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Eliminator Rangemaster Shooting Range Bag.

The Eliminator Rangemaster Range Bag by Allen is the perfect bag choice to haul most all your gear to the range. Designed using a rigid bottom with feet to keep your bag stable and not tip over and spill its contents. This range bag is equipped with multiple exterior pockets to hold ammunition, shooting glasses, choke tubes, and various other gear items you will need to have a great day on the range. The Eliminator Rangemaster Range Bag also is equipped with an internal pocket to hold smaller accessories. The included pistol rug will help keep your firearms safe from scratches and scrapes when you are setting up.

Product Features

  • Pistol Rug Included
  • Multiple Exterior Pockets
  • Rigid Bottom with Feet
  • Padded Handle
  • Internal Storage Pocket


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