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SmartRest Hyper Pod 3 COMPLETE KIT

The Hyper Pod 3 complete kit is a monopod trigger pole, with a quick release knuckle attachment which attaches to the pic rail on the fore end of a rifle stock and a bipod on the base. 

The Hyper Pod 3 is designed to allow for mobile hunting and the ability to shoot accurately with fast set up time. When deployed it allows a shooter to get in position and shoot within seconds. It also allows carriage while walking around ether on the firearm or in hand when detached. The shooter can shoot standing with Hyper Pod 3 tucked into the hip, kneeling with the Hyper Pod 3 on the ground, or sitting with Hyper Pod 3 on the ground. 

For laying down prone the trigger pole can be detached and the bipod can be attached to the knuckle for laying down position.

For sitting down you simply angle the Hyper Pod 3 to a suitable position to take aim while sitting down. 

For kneeling to shoot you simply place the bipod on the ground, take a knee and adjust your desired height with the trigger. It is important to control the weight of the firearm with the forward hand.  

For shooting while standing simply tuck the bipod into the hip, adjust the height you need with the trigger. Again it is important to control the weight of the firearm with the forward hand. Note: If you want to deploy the pole all the way to the ground we have extension poles as an option. The poles can be purchased as screw-on extension poles or as quick release.  

Available in: 

Base Model (no pic rail and no bipod). We made this base model available for people who already own the Hyper Pod II and do not need a rail or bipod to upgrade their unit to the latest trigger option. 

Complete Kit Includes (Pic rail (SRWR) + Knuckle (SRKN) + Trigger Pole (SRTSM) + Bipod II (SRBPII)). 

Helpful tips, instructions and FAQ:

1. Using the lock pin: Push the lock pin through the opposing hole then rotate the pole to apply pressure on the pin. The pressure on the pin holds it in place. There is a notch in the pin, you will feel it and it is best to utilize it. Warning: Do not apply too much pressure on the lock pin, it is designed to hold a position, not to bear the weight of a shooter. 

2. Adjusting heights: (as mentioned above) the hand that is controlling the Hyper Pod trigger being the front hand is the hand/arm that needs to support the weight of the firearm for raising and lowering the height of the firearm.    

3. What is the V Yoke for: We made this part available for people that either do not want or cannot mount the pic rail on the fore end of their firearm. The yoke allows you to simply rest the rifle in the V section for support. 

4. The reason behind the extension poles: we created the poles because the standard issue Hyper Pod 3 does not extend long enough for the shooter to extend to the ground while standing. Tucking the rest into the hip was always the most popular way to use the rest in standing position. Therefore we were able to remove excess poles and weight for the majority of users. However, if you do want to extend the pole all the way to the ground we have very good option being the extension poles. 

 5. Shoot more accurately: When aiming, your ability to hold on to a point will give you more time to squeeze off and result in a more accurate shot. Hence the use of a shooting rest. To maximize zero hold on a target while aiming, gently pull back on the handle, you will find holding zero suddenly becomes easier for a few extra seconds.   

Be a better hunter - a message from the designer: We designed Hyper Pod 3 for the purpose of making a hunter more accurate in more positions than just laying down prone on a bipod. The Hyper Pod 3 will not hinder your mobility and ability to trek. We also had in mind to not slow your set up time as a shooter. With Hyper Pod 3 on your firearm you should be able to:

- Carry it around comfortably on or off the rifle.

- Set up and shoot within seconds.

- Shoot accurately while laying down, sitting, kneeling or standing. 

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