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HardKorr Hyperion 40" Single Row Light Bar.


Our Hyperion light bars don’t just outperform all the others, they look the goods as well. With high and low beam modes, switchable orange and white daytime running light (DRL), and the ability to customise it with different coloured side inserts, you can make this light bar distinctly yours.

Our Hyperion LED light bars combine outstanding real-world performance and toughness with an aggressive design and extensive customisation options.

Top quality LED chips and reflectors

Starting with the basics, this light bar is constructed with high-performance OSRAM® OSLON SSL 150 LED chips. These premium chips are extremely efficient, supremely robust, resistant to corrosion and have a 150° viewing angle, which is very important in light bar applications where beam width is key. They also have very low thermal resistance, which means they will remain cooler than other LED chips and their performance will not degrade with extended use. The 5700K colour temperature offers balanced, natural lighting for excellent visibility without causing eye strain from glare.

We have matched these chips with expertly engineered, vacuum-metallised polycarbonate reflectors, which allowed us to create a 180 degree overall beam angle. This means not only can you see far into the distance, but are also made aware of close-up hazards such as kangaroos in time to take evasive action.

Robotic manufacturing

The housing and lens are robotically manufactured and assembled, ensuring the light bar is perfectly sealed against dust and water ingress, and we use the highest quality materials to ensure they’ll last for many years even in harsh conditions.

Intelligent design

Because single row light bars are often used in tight spaces such as inside grilles and underneath roof racks, we have engineered our Hyperion light bars to be as thin as possible by minimising wasted space internally. When using the end-mount legs this bar is only 52.1mm high, and when using the under-mount legs it is still only 63.6mm high.

Extensively customisable

Finally, we’ve made sure there is plenty of customisability so you have the freedom to match this light bar to your vehicle and application. We’ve included three pairs of different coloured side inserts in the pack, and have another seven colour options available for separate purchase. Additionally, each light bar can be switched between high and low modes, and you can also switch between orange and white daytime running lights (DRLs). For further protection and customisation, we also offer black, orange and clear covers for purchase.


Materials 6063 aluminium housing
UV hardcoated polycarbonate lens
Vacuum-metallised aluminium reflectors
Power 210W
Beam distance 1 lux @ 787m (high) / 1 lux @ 373m (low)
Output (raw) 17,640 lumens
Output (effective) 10,802 lumens (high) / 2,379 lumens (low)
Peak intensity 620,000 candela
Colour temperature 5700K
DRL colour Settable orange / white
Operating voltage 10 – 30V DC
Current draw (12V) 15.24A (high) / 2.43A (low)
Current draw (24V) 7.34A (high) / 1.33A (low)
DRL power draw 1.23A @ 12V / 0.65A @ 24V
Operating temperature -30°C to 65°C
Weight 2.72kg
Certifications CE, CISPR25, ISO 7637-2:2004

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