Flextone Deer Rattle Battle rack Call System

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Flextone Deer Rattle 

Recreate the sounds of a couple of bucks in combat with the Battle Bones™ Deer Call. Two full racks provide you with rattling sounds that will draw deer over to your area. Bone core technology ensures that the rattling tones are realistic and a redesigned grip allows you to easily work with this deer call. Mimic the sounds of trophy bucks and draw even more trophy bucks to you with the Flextone® Battle Bones™ Deer Call.


  • Rattling antlers for realistic deer attraction sounds
  • Suited to Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Rusa Deer, Chital Deer & other Deer species
  • 2 full racks designed for long distance sounds
  • Bone core technology creates a realistic rattling tone
  • Redesigned grip for easy rattling
  • Model: FG-DEER-00064

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