Flextone Deer Buck Collector Plus

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Flextone Buck Collector Plus - Deer Call

Call mature bucks into range this season with the Flextone® Buck Collector Plus Deer Call. Able to replicate the vocalizations of every deer in the herd, the Buck Collector Plus will allow you to make lifelike grunts, bleats, and bawls to help coheres deer to venture into shooting range. The Flextone® Buck Collector Plus even allows for the ever aggressive snort wheeze call for when all else has failed and success hangs in the balance.


  • Buck Collector Plus Deer Call
  • Soft flexible body allows for realistic replication of all deer vocalizations
  • True-Touch buttons allow you to make down and fawn sounds in addition to buck grunts
  • Also provides you with the ability to create snort wheeze calls to bring in mature Stags

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