Eastern Predator Fox Call Flextone

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The Eastern Predator Combo pack

Included are two calls and is a versatile pack designed with one sole purpose, predator eradication.

The Eastern Predator Call Combo Pack includes two calls

  • The Dying Rabbit
  • The Dying Mouse

It's the perfect package for hunting any area that is teeming with rabbits.

The Dying Rabbit is a perfect long-range call of a distressed rabbit that allows you to reach out and touch something, while maintaining the ability to be used as a mid-range coaxer.

By simply bending the bell and toning it down, it becomes the perfect mid-range coaxer.

You simply squeeze and bend the soft flexible rubber body for variable inflections to change tone, volume and pitch, keeping your sets different and fresh.

Once the predator has committed, switch to the Dying Mouse and use it as a close-range coaxer to entice the predator into the final few metres.

It's the perfect combo kit for the hard core predator hunter.

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