Badlands Master Gaiter

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Badlands Master Gaiters.

Some ground is so nasty, so gnarly, you’d think it had a personal grudge against your pants. Where trousers fear to tread, you’ve got the Master Gaiters. They laugh at the deepest brush, scoff at the roughest rocks, and wrap your legs in a layer of protection tougher than year-old jerky. So fear no terrain: Master Gaiters will get you where you’re going with your pants (and your dignity) intact.

Weight: 9 OZ
*Weights Based Off Size Large

Medium: 16 IN Tall x 17-13 IN  43 - 33 CM Calf Circumference
Large: 17.5 IN Tall x 18-14 IN 45 - 35 CM Calf Circumference

From 0.0 degrees to 100.0 Fahrenheit
  • KXO-50™ Fabric
  • Adjustable, Reinforced Closure
  • Durable Nylon Bootstrap
  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance
  • Water Resistant

Badlands' New KXO-50™ Fabric

This new fabric has all the features you love about KXO-32™ fabric — it's insanely tough, incredibly quiet, and absolutely waterproof. What's different, you say? KXO-50 is even lighter in weight.

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