Last Stand Self Healing Gong Plate Hangers

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Gong Hanger Shooting Target Last Stand Self Healing Plate Hangers – Pair.

2x plate hangers and 2 x bolt kits are included for hanging gongs.

As long as you avoid using hollow points, the Last Stand Plate Hangers are comprised of a sturdy, self-healing ballistic rubber polymer. The Last Stand Target Stand can be used with them. They have two mounting holes so that various desired hang lengths are possible. With these targets, the target recovers back to a solid position ready to be shot again a lot faster than with conventional chain hangers.

The stands, hangers, and gongs will become covered in lead splatter, so it is advised that you wear gloves when handling them. Additionally, the stands and hangers may become encrusted with pointy fragments of bullet jacket.

Why is chain preferable to these plate hangers?

The chain must be replaced if it is shot; they are self-healing.
Targets recover more quickly so they are prepared for your next shot.
Simply slide the hanger along the rebar and insert the bolt for a quicker, simpler installation.

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